Welcome to MormonLeaks


We are a research team focused on reconstructing the historical narrative of how the Mormon scriptures were created. Many visitors to this site may have seen reference to “Mormon Leaks” in the news,  The individuals involved in the publication of contemporary confidential materials belonging to the LDS Church are in no way affiliated with this project. Given our focus on Early Mormonism, we are generally interested in historical evidence from the 19th century and modern-day computing methods, so that we can recreate the narrative by analyzing relevant texts of that time, and then match the available evidence with the authors of passages of Mormon scripture. The recent leaks of videos and documents mostly involve modern-day business dealings of no concern to our interests.

We hope that through our efforts, we have sparked your interest in the colorful characters, diverse motives, and hidden sources that gave rise to the Mormon scriptures and ultimately to Mormonism as we know it today.

Contributors to this site are not paid to do so. Rather, we work for free on new and cutting-edge research that we believe is vital to the general public — both for Mormons and non-Mormons alike. We are in no way affiliated with or represent any group or party promoting or denouncing Mormonism. Our goal is to shed new light on historical and textual claims widely represented as truth within the Mormon community. We believe that the time has come for a candid conversation about the origins of the Mormon scriptures and the rise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


The narrative presented here is a naturalistic perspective that, to the best of our knowledge, is consistent with existing historical and textual evidence. Our aim is to create an account that integrates as much evidence as possible into a narrative with explanatory and predictive power. While we are not aware of errors of fact, we recognize that errors are possible, and we welcome corrections. We also anticipate that new evidence will come to light. Corrections and additional information may require fine-tuning of the narrative or even significant changes. We reserve the right to to do so.